Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Comic Relief

My children frustrated me this morning to no end.  There were tears.

But this afternoon...oh my goodness.

Hubs and I were watching #hastags on the Tonight Show via YouTube.

One of them was talking about #worstdateever and the girl mentioned that a gust of wind blew up her skirt and showed her Spanx.

The Hubs explained what Spanx were to child #1 and said that they make you look thinner.  She responded, "Well, I won't ever need those."

Child #2 said (who is MALE and 7) said, "If I was fat I'd wear those."

Child #3 (5 years old) said, "I won't wear Spanx."

Hubs and I just giggled.  They seriously were having a discussion about wearing Spanx.

Then I went to use the bathroom only to find the seat covered with someone else's urine and the floor covered.  Sorry if this is TMI, but this is MY life right now.

I, shocked, loudly announced from the bathroom that there was a huge mess "someone" left in there.

Child #4 vehemently denied that it was him...although we ALL know differently. 

"Are you sure [child #4]?"

"Yes.  It wasn't me."

[long pause]

"well, maybe it WAS me." and in he went with a towel and cleaning spray.

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