Tuesday, December 23, 2014


We found a very large hermit crab last night. We watched him last night for a while and then let him go in our backyard.
He liked it so much he stayed.
Meet Hermie, but you have to find him first.

Monday, December 22, 2014


I am going to try to blog about the things I say. Not just lots of words. But lots of, "what the heck?!"

Today, Dec 22, I said:

"You're lucky. You almost super glued you fingers together."

Which child was it?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week 2 and 3

I am hoping I can upload more photos. (nope...one day)
We are adjusting. There were some bad attitudes the second and some of the third week (full disclosure: Me.) and more tears (me, again). But I think that adjustment is done. Well, I hope anyway.
We learned Ikea here is SO tiny.
It's been pretty awesome here.
We husked a fresh coconut.
We had some fire ant bites.
We played in the rain.
We love Costco. Well, I love costco. My kids love the freebies testers.
We love doTerra's TerraShield essential oil bug repelllent. It is necessary here, even when you sleep. Especially when there are no screens on your windows...but you have to have the windows open so you don't die of heat stroke.
Air conditioning is optional. One day we will be used to the heat. No one wants that electric bill if you run it often.
The mall is the craziest thing I have ever seen. Taking a side-by-side double stoller is crazy in that crowd. Thank goodness for Amazon.
There are some fantastic people that live here, including our neighbors next to us while we are in this temporary housing situation.
And believe it or not, I very rarely see people texting or talking on the phone and driving.
If you drive here, the above statement would make more sense.  
All that said, I enjoy it here more everyday.

Daily swim session.

The iguana that Owen chased AND touched it's tail.

Baby crack is so cute.  It's the only time we can say that.

Puerto Rican food.  Food of champions.

It rained so much this day.  It rained so hard for so long our street was closed down to flooding.

A big sister is awesome.  So is a little brother.  Now, if they were like this always...

Sunday evening walk.  Beautiful, right?

Gifts from Nana and Papa:  snorkel sets and floaties!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Too many

I'm sorry I keep jumping around with blog names.  (Especially my mom!  Sorry mom!)

At this point, I can more clearly see the direction we are going with our family.

We will move.  We will see as much of the world as we can.  But a blog name has to fit that.

Now it does.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I have totally crapped out on blogging. Sorry.
Okay, so our family moved yesterday to a beautiful island in the Carribean.
We had 9 checked bags, 6 carryons, 1 dog (as another carry on), 2 adults, and four children.
And it was SO smooth. I'm still surprised.
We are in a vacation rental as we are waiting for permanent residence to be ready.
There are so wonderful things about this island and the people:
They speak Spanish and I'm so grateful. It is a challenge for all of us. They do speak English, but Spanish is the primary lenguaje, so we will be making great efforts to learn and use espaƱol.
We are staying 500 feet from the beach for the next month. Then we have to move a few miles away from a beach. I know, life is rough.
The people are wonderful. And I love the looks on their face when an American woman (or man) responds to questions or greets them in Spanish.
We have the cutest little Christmas tree.
I have never, ever seen Christmas trees sell out at any store, even just one. Nearly every store is very low on inventory;  Walmart was sold out and it's DEC 4!
I love not being in a hurry to go places. Even if you have a set appointment, ir is very, very unlikely that appointment will start any where close to ontime. I will have to adjust to island time. There's a decent size line 95 percent of the time no matter where you go.
Driving here is adventure and hysterical at times. I always am amazed there aren't more accidents .
E2's hair is curly with all the humidity. It is super cute. (Of course, I may never wear my hair straight again. It's waste of my time. The photo below was five minutes after my super straight hair was subjected to the high humidity here. Southern humidity has nothing on this.)
It is beautiful here. We love the Coquis at night.
My internet isn't letting me post photos, but once our wifi works, I will post the missing photos.