Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Just so the 2 people reading this want to know all websites we use for our curriuculum:

Starfall $35/year.  But there's a monthly payment plan too. Perfect for Pre-K and K (ages 3-5).
IXL This was more expensive because we bought a year in advance with four subjects: math, language arts, science and history ($199/year for "two" children.  They have other payment plans too). We'd used this before and loved it for practice.  So far, it's been really helpful and the Hubs and I LOVE the analytics we have access to as parents. There's no hiding questionable work and we can see where they need some more help. We require them to show mastery (aka 100 percent & a "medal" before they move on).  I let child #3 do work on the other children's profiles because I can still track, compartmentalize, and follow her too.
Epic ($35 for the year) We got this after after purchasing the Reading Rainbow app. This app is perfect for older children and does the same thing (aka read to you) for the young ones like RR.  Definitely not as confusing.
Reading Rainbow Don't get reading rainbow if you have older children or have any other tablet than a kindle.  It's quite annoying and confusing to use for me as an adult. My children were confused also.  I am attempting to get a refund for the year we paid in advance.
Prodigy  My children love this game. They were introduced to it at their last public school.
Khan Academy We just started using this. I donated $10 to use it. I'd like to spend more time using it and learning, but I know it will come in handy. Everyone learns concepts differently and this will allow other teaching methods to learn these things.
 Our oldest loves chemistry, but I am definitely NOT well versed in chemistry. This was highly recommended by my sister-in-law who has lived all around the world and has/is homeschooling her children.  She did have a child just get a ridiculous ACT score and will be starting school at Texas A&M in January, so I believe this has quite a bit of merit...

There is also a random spattering of books, printable worksheets, and other supplements.  These are not quite VITAL, but they do help. (Our favorite, simple practice book is the Brain Quest book from Sam's Club.  It is probably available on amazon too.)

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