Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Homes in PR

So we have an awesome house in PR.  It's very large (by my standards) around 2,800 sq ft.  When you have a growing family of 7, I feel it is justified and perfect. (When it is clean I will post photos.  So don't hold your breath.)

It is all tile and some of it is dated - from the 90s - and we have given it a facelift in some areas.

I really love it.

But, being a homeowner stinks.

We came home to cucarachas (cockroaches), bugs in most of our grains, and some other necessary, quick fixes. 

We now have bug exterminator, a bunch of trashed food, and today we will have clean inverters (high efficiency-air conditioners).

AND I wish we had a dishwasher.  I need a dishwasher.  My children have finally started helping me, which makes it so much faster, but still, I would LOVE a dishwasher.

The problem is that the countertops are to shallow in depth to put a dishwasher by the sink.  I am so tempted to extend the counter top (in a L shape) with butcher block or stainless steel covered plywood) to get that thing to fit better.  We have space to extend it.  We have corian (whatever they are - the fake, plastic stone).  Can you cut this with out cracking the rest?  Because seriously, it would be an "quick" awesome fix if we could.

Any ideas?

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