Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Learning Styles and Strengths

Homeschool is the ultimate way to learn about your children and their personal learning styles.

Child #1: definitely a "free spirit" kind of girl, yet mildly, she is a perfectionist.  She is very intelligent when she wants to apply herself.  Strengths are in science, social studies, and reading.  She is good at math, but doesn't like it.  She isn't exactly a follow the directions girl because she wants to figure it out herself.  I am trying to explain to her that having directions isn't "cheating", it is learning to do it "right".  This concept is slow in application, although today it was much better than yesterday.

Child #2: is a "get it done" kind of person.  He does not like to "fail" or "lose".  If his activities take him longer than he expects, he will have a melt down and there will be tears. He does not know how to lose graciously. For example, today, we were identifying nouns.  This is above his first grade level, but I know it is not above his learning ability.  So I challenged him.  21 minutes later and one big fit, he mastered the concept.  But to him, it took him 19 minutes too long.

Meanwhile, child #3 was skating and falling all over the tile floors.  She is going to be bruised tomorrow but her sheer will to learn helps her get up.  Her determination astounds me sometimes  and other times it confounds me.  Either way, I am trying to embrace it all and go with who she is.

Child #4, is re-potty training after regressing the last few weeks.  Yesterday was very successful, ZERO accidents.  Today: we're hoping for another successful day.

Me: I finished my 8 month long kitchen painting project while the kids did HS around me.  This may not have been the best use of our time but I couldn't look at that wall anymore!  (Do you see a pattern with child #3?  Oh yes, that one is MY child.)

I feel surprisingly patient with home school, which think is because we chose a curriculum that fit our family.  I did not realize how important this was until THIS time around. This is a game changer for sure.

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