Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Unstructured Structure

That word is not my whole mantra for homeschool.  Even it if it was, it is still so vital in our daily curriculum.

One of the greatest assets of homeschooling is unstructured time.  This may be time to play, create, draw, paint, think, read, etc.  I have found, in the short while we have been homeschooling (plus, 1 year), my children are happier, more willing to learn, and better listeners when I allow them "free time".  

Really, I don't "allow" anything. I know when they can't sit still, can't focus, or are being rebellious...we need a break. All of us.

Today is one of those days. I was so frustrated this morning because we were having so many problems from child #2. After pushing, pushing, crying, prodding, I let him take a break.  After all, if I push too hard, learning becomes, well, boring.

A friend posted this (or was tagged in this on FB).  Thank goodness for social media.

I agree with it fully and know that if it wasn't pouring rain, my children would be outside playing.

Of course, with this weather, they could go out and play in the rain.  It is 80 degrees after all.

So I gave them free time.

What are they doing?

The oldest is doing a math "game".  This comes from the child that is not a huge fan of math. #winning

Child #2 is reading on Epic. This is such a great site for books you don't have to go the library for. Best $35 we spent and it's been three days...He read/had read to him and entire 8 chapter book on Benjamin Franklin yesterday.  It was way above his reading level, so I didn't mind him getting help.

Child #3 did IXL preschool math on her own.  I didn't ask her and she wants to finish and get her "medals". She also wrote two letters to her cousin.

Child #4 decided to focus on his Starfall counting. Starfall has been fantastic. I am shocked by the progress the two youngest ones have made in such a short amount of time.  Both went from having difficulty identifying letters and numbers (not my finest admission as a parent) two months ago to child #3 being able to write her whole alphabet and #4 can identify the whole alphabet in random order.

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