Monday, February 29, 2016

Good Day

Today, we had probably one of the smoothest, quickest homeschool days. EVER.

The best part was looking at the's mockup of what the baby looks like at this point in pregnancy.

Child #3 initiated the questions. Then all slowly gathered around and started asking more questions.

It involved terms like: womb, placenta, cervix, vagina (gasp!), dilation, effacement, amniotic fluid, meconium, soft spots, skulls/plates and vernix.

They were ALL enthralled.

They all went and ran to get their "birth photo books".  They all excitedly opened them and looked at the photos as I explained that "this is [this]...and this is [that]."

Then #4 asked with the poutiest, most pathetic face possible, "Where's my birth book? I don't have a birth book..."

I found it sad, and funny.  That poor child has no photos of his birth.  Somewhere in a hospital security system in New Jersey, there might be a video tape of his chaotic birth.

But we have no photos.

I tried to explain it to him, but my explanations fell on deaf ears.  He didn't understand why I couldn't get a photographer (a good friend of mine) to drive the 25 minute drive in 10 minutes.

One day he will get it.  Until then, we will make him an "after the birth" book.

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