Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mental Toughness...or not.

When my husband goes out of town, it generally isn't a big deal.

Not this time.

It's only been two days and I have to admit I feel wimpy.  I hurt (almost 35 weeks into pregnancy. Stupid ligaments.), I am not sleeping well (pregnancy stuff again), we homeschool (this should just be !!!), I am attempting to nest (and it's not exactly going as planned) and I have four (and a half) children under 10.

I just feel not tough. I've done this for longer and seemed to handle it better.

He was gone for 21 weeks when I was pregnant with our 3rd (I had around 10-ish weeks to go when he left), and I seemed to handle it better.

Maybe I didn't. Okay, I didn't.  It is funny how the mind only remembers certain things during tough times.

There's been a lot of yelling today. It is not my finest or greatest admission. Most of the yelling is when I found The Enabler (child #3) had climbed up and gotten down the nail polish and given it to The Mess Maker (child #4) who then proceeded to paint his nails on my FAVORITE bedspread. It has now been nail polish tattooed.  I have no words.

Yep, not my finest moment.  I think the yelling has decreased a lot recently because when I was yelling, it seemed to motivate them all to get on mom's good side...and all four children (even though they weren't all in trouble) found a room to clean spotless in a hurry.

They must know me well.

When Mom is cleaning like a maniac, Mom is upset, really upset and it's best for you to steer clear and find a way to help and calm the situation.

AND (Post edit):
I found out one (or more) of my children somehow requested refunds for items purchased on Amazon.  And they were approved for over $100.

I just made my 8th (long story) phone call to Amazon this week and I couldn't explain what happened.  Luckily, the amazon lady was patient and even said, "You watch that one name [Child #3]. My name is that I know I was trouble when I was younger.  HAHAHAHA.

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