Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Coqui

It took us six months here and we finally saw our first coqui.

If you didn't know, coquis (pronounced: co-key) are the indigenous frog species here.  They are so loud at night and say their name when they sing, thus, how they got their name.  I was anticipating a tree frog-like size. 

Um, not exactly.

We found/caught/tried to gently hold three today.  Enjoy these photos.  They are tiny.  Those things pack some sound out of those tiny frames.  The only get about as big as a quarter.

That is my hand.  Yes, I am not afraid of frogs, lizards, or many other amphibians/reptiles here.  Spiders are another story.

Three!  We have been trying just to SEE one and we CAUGHT three!

This little thing was already singing 20 min after being placed here.

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