Monday, March 23, 2015

Debacle of the white pants

So this week is International Day at my kids school. Our oldest is representing Argentina (which we are personally quite fond of because of my husband's two years living there and then converting our whole family to the amazingness of Argentine food) and our six-year-old, Mexico.

The oldest is wearing her Dad's old Riverplate jersey he got 15 years ago.  My favorite part is the beer brand on the front.  It isn't local and no one may notice. (In case of a phone call from the school,  I have a backup plan.)

This is the new jersey.  No beer label on this one.  I'm just not willing to shell out $50 for it for my kid.

But The 6yo needs and all white outfit.  This is a predicament.

Who in their right mind puts a 6 year old boy in all white for a whole day?!  I can't wait to see how not white these clothes are.   Anyway, I digress.

So I've been prepping for this for a month.  I needed white pants for him.

And since I didn't know about this during the San Sebastian festival, where I could pick up a pair of white pants anywhere, white pants are no where to be seen.

This kid is way cute.  This is the "traditional" type clothing I needed to find.

So after weeks of searching, I did find white shorts.  I bought them and showed them to the 6yo and after asking the teacher, he said, "I can't wear shorts.  They have to be pants."  If you know this boy, then you know there is no negotiating room.  He follows directions, and she had said no shorts.

Oh. My. Goodness. [Can you hear the sigh of dread?]

My girlfriends looked for me when they did their shopping.  They searched everywhere.  I even asked to borrow some.

Finally last night, I made some.

{I forgot to mention, I got my new sewing machine in two days ago.  It sews like buttah. I am one spoiled woman.}

I had no other choice.  I have never made pants.  I thought, "this will fail, or it may be an almost fail."  I've never made pants before and I have no pattern or know where to buy one here.

It turned out to be neither one.  I traced a pair of pants (four pieces total) onto an old white curtain.  Phhhsssttt, I don't have time for a mock up.

Cut, sewed (incorrectly twice by the way.  Thank goodness for seam rippers.), tried them on the 6yo a bunch, and voila! we had pants. He was so frustrated at one point, during the last fitting, he asked if this could be the LAST time.

And they fit.  Not just a little bit, but beautifully.  I told the 6yo to go show his dad.

"Wow.  Wow.  WOW."  There was no discounting the surprise in his voice.

Honestly though, I was just as surprised.  I did have to put extra side panels, like tuxedo pants, because they were a little too tight for him to play in.

They look good.  Just don't look to closely.  I'll post a pic later.  They're in the wash.

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