Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I have totally crapped out on blogging. Sorry.
Okay, so our family moved yesterday to a beautiful island in the Carribean.
We had 9 checked bags, 6 carryons, 1 dog (as another carry on), 2 adults, and four children.
And it was SO smooth. I'm still surprised.
We are in a vacation rental as we are waiting for permanent residence to be ready.
There are so wonderful things about this island and the people:
They speak Spanish and I'm so grateful. It is a challenge for all of us. They do speak English, but Spanish is the primary lenguaje, so we will be making great efforts to learn and use espaƱol.
We are staying 500 feet from the beach for the next month. Then we have to move a few miles away from a beach. I know, life is rough.
The people are wonderful. And I love the looks on their face when an American woman (or man) responds to questions or greets them in Spanish.
We have the cutest little Christmas tree.
I have never, ever seen Christmas trees sell out at any store, even just one. Nearly every store is very low on inventory;  Walmart was sold out and it's DEC 4!
I love not being in a hurry to go places. Even if you have a set appointment, ir is very, very unlikely that appointment will start any where close to ontime. I will have to adjust to island time. There's a decent size line 95 percent of the time no matter where you go.
Driving here is adventure and hysterical at times. I always am amazed there aren't more accidents .
E2's hair is curly with all the humidity. It is super cute. (Of course, I may never wear my hair straight again. It's waste of my time. The photo below was five minutes after my super straight hair was subjected to the high humidity here. Southern humidity has nothing on this.)
It is beautiful here. We love the Coquis at night.
My internet isn't letting me post photos, but once our wifi works, I will post the missing photos.

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