Monday, January 12, 2015


We have moved many times.  Most of the time, it's a EQ (Elder's Quorum) move.  But twice, it's been a professional, pack-up, load-up, unload, and un-pack move.  It's been beautiful.  I'm spoiled.

The last time, we had one glass dish broken.  Whatever, I don't care.  I didn't claim it.

As we were unpacking we found a few things here and there.  At one point, it was around $600 at the end of the first week.  (It would have been less, but the movers broke the legs off my sewing storage dresser, not a cheap thing.)

Then today...all $@^%* hit the fan.

When we were getting packed up, I told the movers to baby my sewing machine.  I even said it in Spanish, "Cuidado, por favor.
My beloved Bernina, one of the few gifts I have really, really wept, after receiving it (a fantastic gift from The Hubs), was pulled from it's protective case as I set up my sewing area today. "

As I put it on it's throne (aka sewing table), I noticed one of my "paint stripping" rubber gloves stuck to the front. 

What the heck was that doing in there?!

Oh snap. 

'Well, maybe it's just stuck to it from the pressure.'

No. [Insert expletives in my head]

The heat, chemicals from the stripper, and the pressure from items around it caused the rubber to melt - yes, MELT - into the components in my machine.

And I started to cry.

Do you know those days when you are so excited to do something that it drives your entire motivation for the day?

Yep, that was my sewing area today.  My space.  And as soon as I saw that sewing machine and I knew it was toast, the motivation was gone.

Now, this may seem so trivial, crying over a sewing machine.  It's so much more than that.

My sewing machine, while I'm definitely not a professional, and I, in fact, SUCK at quilting,  it is my happy place.  I can relax there, but I'm also challenged when I have to do something new.

I like to think I have a talent, [sometimes] to take an item, deconstruct it in my head, and then make it again at home.  That sewing area lets me grow that talent.  I feel good and confident when I'm there.  Sometimes I get frustrated, but to me, it means I have a chance to get better.

And right now, that talent has been temporarily sidelined again.  And I'm frustrated.  I have done zero sewing in over six months.  Between trying to "stage" the house (sewing machine was placed in storage) and moving, I've neglected my sewing machine.

The great news is that my old Bernina will be replaced at no cost to me. 

Side note: I did choke a little when my Bernina guy (yes, I have a Bernina guy.  Don't you?) told me what a new replacement would cost.

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